Most of these come from the naming convention described by Merlin Mann during MPU Ep. 46

I take a lot of notes on anything I think I may need to refer to again in the future. I keep them in Dropbox and access them through a combination of nvALT, Byword, Drafts, and Editorial.

runx [title] – any text file that will be edited and appended on a regualar basis. Examples of file names are “runx blog ideas”, “runx media list”.

refx [title] – a mostly static text file that contains information I would like be able to refer to later. Eg. “refx markdown syntax”, “refx GTD Fast notes”.

blogx [title] – a text file of a blog post I’m working on that moves from outline format to full post. Eg. “blogx spray on tans for beginners” or “blogx Macramé made easy”.

webx [title] – a text file that relates to a Webster specific project or meeting.

ideax [title] – a text file that expands on a thought or idea that I have. These sometimes turn into blog posts or projects or sometimes they remain ideas and put on a Someday/Maybe list.

pplx [person] – a text file about a person I care about containing facts or conversation points that I want to remember.

clx [checklist] – a text file of a checklist that I want to be able to refer to when preparing for something. Eg. “clx camping trip”, “clx cleaning house”. I’m using Clear or Reminders in place of this most of the time

randx [title] – a text file that contains random thoughts when I just let my mind wander. These are often created after a few drinks.

tempx [title] – a text file that I use as a temporary scratch pad, a draft for an email or text that I want to move from one place to another