During a past episode of Back To Work Merlin called himself a web whacker in reference to his previous jobs. I had been saying that I build websites for years rather than affixing a professional title like Front-End Developer or UX Designer to my name, even though I could probably pass for either today.

I did not study computer maths or design in college and my first paying web job in 2006 was building email templates. I had a working knowledge of 2001 era HTML (perfect for the email templates) and I didn’t know a thing about CSS – View Source was my best friend.

I had many job titles in many different roles between 2006 and 2014. Some were in IT, some in sales, one in commercial real estate. My last job title, 3D Application Specialist, was one of my favorites. The entire time I freelanced as someone who builds websites but I never claimed it as my profession. It was, however, an addendum to my explanation of how I earned a living.

Today my profession and what I do for a living are one in the same. I work for a small agency and I’m involved with anything that doesn’t have to be printed. My title is Digital Director and I’d say that 80% of my job is building websites (from concept to live site). I’m able to be a technology consultant, an IT person, a sales person, an account manager, a coffee brewer, a researcher, and a student the remaining 20% of the time.

Unfortunately, Digital Director is ambiguous and I don’t want to list 10 things every time some one asks what I do for a living. This takes me back to “I build websites.”