This new app solves a reoccurring problem for me. I want to figure out a suitable time to call my Mum in Brisbane, Australia or my Dad in Bangalore, India.

In the past I try to remember how many hours ahead of Omaha each city is and then, literally, count on my fingers. When daylight savings kicks in here, I’m totally lost. My next stop would be the Clock app to check the local time and then count ahead until I hit a time that everyone is available.

I actually started a Treehouse course on iOS development in the hope that I could build this very app, or a dumbed down version of it.

Globo’s top feature, in my mind, is the “set actual time” screen that lets you pick a time, either locally or for another location, and then see what time it is across all locations you have saved. If it’s 10am in Brisbane, what time is it in Omaha?

If you communicate with anyone in different timezones then I recommend you grab this app for $0.99 and never mis-schedule a call or meeting again.

Source: Globo