A big reason I was excited about leaving a formal office was that I often found my energy and productivity depleted after looking at and being in the same environment everyday. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change when you make the shift to working from home, in fact, a decrease in productivity is probably more likely when you work at home. Here’s why I think that is.

Whether you work in an office or from home you associate sitting at your desk with work. Very few people love having to do work and thus they find other things (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) to occupy their time rather than just putting their head down and working. If you spend every day in your home office you’ll look for distractions, just like you do in a formal office environment. Unfortunately, there are many more distractions available to you at home and no one around to look over your shoulder and keep you on task.

If you mix up your scenery and instead work from a local coffee shop, restaurant, park bench, co-working space or even a bar your attitude towards work will become a positive one. The new surroundings feel fresh and all of a sudden work isn’t the chore it usually is. In a new environment you’re not aware of what the distractions are or how to find them so you tend to keep on task. Obviously, don’t venture down to Starbucks everyday expecting to maintain your focus, eventually your mind will start associating Buckies with tedious work too. The trick is to mix in a field trip every other or every few days. That way each location is remembered as being a place where productivity thrives.

It’s also a great way to meet new people, talk about what you do and potentially score new clients.